Your potential customers are constantly looking for restaurants, food deliveries and takeaway options near them. Customers want to find their favorite restaurants and chains near them when the craving strikes! Get a competitive edge by optimizing your digital presence with all of your restaurant locations so that more customers can be directed to you, right when the craving strikes.

Drive your Visibility and lead the local SEO:

You may have great food and service, but do people know about it? Having visibility when potential customers are searching for menus, special offers, phone numbers etc. of a restaurant near them is what matters today. Have complete control over your digital presence by using our platform to publish, update and maintain accurate information across all search and social media platforms and ensure that customers can not only find you, but also see pictures of your restaurants, get information on the health and hygiene protocol being followed in line with covid-19, call and reserve a table and more. Stand out and make a mark by grabbing customer attention.

Drive your Visibility and lead the local SEO:

Use our platform to create landing pages for each of your restaurant locations and ensure users get to see offers and other information relevant to their location in order to maximize visibility online and convert more people into walk-in clients. Elevate the “Near Me” brand experience through our hyperlocal marketing platform, which is a one-stop solution to leverage the power of local search.

Engage with Your Customers to Create the Optimal Experience

The Food and beverage industry is fiercely competitive. Whether you are a fine-dine restaurant or a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) such as a coffee shop, a takeaway or a delivery restaurant- engaging with your customers first hand is a crucial strategy to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Engage with Your Customers to Create the Optimal Experience

Receive instant email alerts when customers review your restaurants or engage with your brand on social media. Our intuitive dashboard classifies reviews based on sentiment and hence makes it easier for you to analyse and understand what customers like and dislike about your service and engage with them. Providing quick and helpful responses not only expresses your commitment to providing a seamless experience, but also builds trust and credibility for your brand.

You can also tailor information on the availability of dine-in, takeaway, delivery services, new launches, vegan menu, festive offers, coupons, hours of operations etc., based on the customer’s location on Google My Business (GMB) Listings as well as the landing pages created by us to make their purchase journey hassle-free.

Facilitate Conversions

In the age of fast food and takeout, where customers have hundreds of options to choose from, they are now searching for their next meal by cuisine and food item (e.g. pizza delivery near me) rather than searching for restaurants directly. Our location level landing pages provide all the information high-intent customers may be looking for, to place orders online or to visit a restaurant near them. Post the pandemic, more and more potential customers are looking for drive-thru, takeout and food delivery options near them. Capture and convert them by showcasing the available services near them and accelerate conversions for your restaurants.

Facilitate Conversions

Smart Integrations

Integrate your menu and specials on GMB listings and enable customers to have a quick view of your offerings and prices right up front. This reduces the number of steps in the consumer journey and hence, leads to quicker conversions. List our F&B specific attributes and services such as dine-in, takeaway, delivery, acceptable wallets and cards for payments, parking options, Wi-Fi availability etc.

You can also upload pictures and videos of your restaurants and enlist all the covid-19 protocols being followed by the restaurant to maintain hygiene, sanitization stands. Promote “Book a Reservation” option to ensure social distancing is followed.

Scope of Services:

  • Establish your digital presence on a vast publisher network and reach your potential customers on all relevant search, maps, and social platforms they might be looking for you.
  • Update accurate information about opening and closing business hours, weekly offers in real-time at a location level and maintain brand consistency at a brand level.
  • Use our easy to use dashboard to get a complete view of all your listings and get location level insights to take informed decisions
  • Use our automated templates to respond to reviews you receive across multiple locations through our centralized dashboard.
  • Have complete control over your brand by managing accesses with the help of user management options.

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