Banking is a growing sector which has seen widespread adoption in recent years but financial inclusion levels are low. The reason for this is that users don't have enough information readily available about their banking needs. To connect with today’s banking customers who are increasingly turning to search for information online with searches such as “Banks near me”/“ATM near me”/“locker available near me”. Adopt a digital first strategy, backed by innovation and build a platform that allows for continuous customization to cater to their needs and give them a seamless online to offline experience.


Enrich Your Listings and Drive More Customers to Your Bank

Assist customers who are searching for a bank or ATM near them by establishing your online presence across a global network of publishers. Ensure that your branch timings, banking services, holiday calendar, social-distancing protocols are in line with covid-19 so that customers have their initial queries addressed online before they visit your bank branch.

Enrich Your Listings and Drive More Customers to Your Bank

There has been a 2x* growth in queries related to online saving account opening and 3x*growth queries regarding saving account interest rate which depicts that a strong online discoverability would ensure that customers visiting a branch are informed and have a higher probability to transact, open an account or apply for other services. The SingleInterface platform ensures your branch visibility online continues to strengthen by maintaining consistent and accurate information about your branches across all locations and also ensuring that when a generic search happens your probability to feature in the search results increases . Our duplicate listings suppression tool also ensures that customers never get incomplete or incorrect information about your branches/ATMs that may lead to poor customer experience.

Build trust and transparency

Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, be proactive and reach users early on in their purchase journeys. Understanding what today’s banking customers are looking for is the first step as it helps to provide them with useful information along the way. At SingleInterface we ensure that we provide you regulatory body complaint solutions so that you may further enable your branch managers to engage with customers at a local level and even using local language.

Build trust and transparency

Be it offers, availability of bank resources, ATM’s operating hours, covid protocols to resolving their queries and respond to their feedback online all the while maintaining brand level access using a centralized dashboard. This enables you to create a focused hyperlocal strategy that results in better customer experience and therefore, higher rankings on search.

(Transaction) Bank More Customers Online and Increase Conversions Offline

Higher search rankings mean more online traffic, which can then lead to higher potential of conversions. Our location pages are built to win attention on mobile with responsiveness, keyword relevance, speed and various call to actions as our top performance criteria. We have seen Customers offline actions being influenced by their online behaviour with 88%* customer , after making a local business search on mobile, call or visit the business .

(Transaction) Bank More Customers Online and Increase Conversions Offline

Using features like “open an account, prompting users to fill up a lead form, calling the nearest branch etc. or getting directions to their nearest ATM enables you to leverage the power of customer intent at the right time. Assist them to take action in their moment of decision making and turn that around into a seamless banking experience by driving online traffic and translating that into more offline acquisitions.

Smart Integrations

We provide several smart integrations for your banks and ATMs, all while maintaining safety protocols. Update the Live ATM status (open/ closed) in real time along with services available at the ATM such as cardless cash withdrawal, braille enabled ATM etc. Enable customers to find IFSC Codes and MICR codes for the nearest bank branches with ease by creating IFSC Codes pages at a location level.

Create location specific service availability information related to core banking as account opening, offers, lock availability, ATM in branch along with availability of loans and other financial services so that you are able to address initial queries online and reduce the load on existing banking resources. and add the various services at a location level on individual branch/ATM microsites such as availability of lockers, home loan, ATM in branch and more and equip customers with all the information they might need before visiting or calling your bank branch.

Scope of Service

  • Manage, enhance and publish accurate and consistent information for thousands of locations across our publisher partners including search engines, maps, and social media platforms.
  • Update all relevant information across listings about the services you offer and let potential customers know why you stand out.
  • Use our dashboard to get insights, track and evaluate the performance of banks and ATMs across locations.
  • Understand where the maximum traffic comes from and leverage on these data points to increase revenue streams.
  • Never miss another review, feedback or query, and stay connected with customers through various touch points such as Automated Review Response templates on our dashboard, Google Messaging, leads integrated through API and more.
  • Use our automated ticketing solution to see red flags before they escalate. Rectify and update all information through our platform with a click of a button and ensure customers continue to experience a seamless brand experience.

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  • *Google year in search 2020 report