Meet potential customers with high-intent while they are looking for stock brokers, mutual funds, insurance companies etc. located near them and become a critical part in influencing their purchase decision. Post the pandemic, more people are turning to digital solutions for a range of financial services. Hence, having a hyperlocal digital strategy in place will enable you to demonstrate that you are committed to simplify their journey towards a secure financial life – especially during these uncertain times.

Get Listed. Get Found

More and more people have now started looking for banking and investment solutions online. According to a recent Google study, mobile queries that contain “health insurance near me” have grown by 121%, “life insurance near me” has increased by 73%*, personal loan queries have spiked and mutual funds queries have increased by 75%*. With BFSI-related searches having gone up by more than 60%, using location data management to improve ROI and enhance customer experience is the need of the hour.

Get Listed. Get Found

The SingleInterface platform enables you to seamlessly assist potential customers to find an insurance company, best policies, gold loans etc. near their location. For customers this leads to a frictionless experience and for businesses this leads to higher lead volumes and consequently greater ROI. Our hyperlocal marketing for financial services is specially tailored for businesses like you, prioritising customer satisfaction. As financial planning and management continues to grow in mobile searches, it is important for you to optimize your local presence by having consistent, accurate and verified data across search, maps and social media platforms.

Walk the Customer journey to engage better

Our location-specific and locally relevant microsites make it extremely easy for you to engage with prospective customers by providing them with information they may be looking for. From opening a demat account, to looking for a loan agency nearby; our content-rich landing pages are a one-stop destination for your branches that enable you to engage with customers at various stages of their customer journeys. API integrations ensure that data is centrally managed and accurately published across all microsites. We also create Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) versions of these pages to ensure they become highly discoverable on search.

Walk the Customer journey to engage better

Engaging with customers through responding to their feedback is also essential to create trust between them and your brand at a branch level. Our centralized dashboard makes it easier for you to engage with customers at scale and improve their experience, while having complete control over the brand by using our multi-level access feature for everyone engaging with customers right from the corporate level to branch level.

Turn visitors into transactors

Drive more customers with location level information, make use of API integrations to track verified leads, create local pages for personal loans, push customers to open a demat account at the click of a button – all through our platform. This reduces friction in the customer journey and enables them to make informed decisions. Attract potential customers, strengthen your "Near Me" presence with a few simple steps and enhance your discoverability with a massive increase in customer acquisition. Conversions have never been this easy!

Turn visitors into transactors

Smart Integrations

Use our smart chatbots to address customer queries, respond to them in real time and accelerate conversions. Virtual masking numbers enable you to understand and track the entire customer journey right from the time they decide to engage with you till the time you have acquired them. This enables you to build processes at scale, train people at a branch level and understand the pain points of customers in the whole process - thereby enabling you to turn around more potential visitors into customers and increasing your overall ROI.

API integrations to track end to end leads provides a focused approach to target customers with high intent, looking for your products and services near them.

Scope of Services

  • Update location level information of your branches such as best investment plans, offers on loans, hours of operations and more across on our microsites.
  • Accelerated Mobile pages make the customer journey more efficient and drive customer acquisition on mobile.
  • Establish your digital presence across all local directories, apps and maps and strengthen your brand reputation
  • Know what customers are saying about your brand and engage with them in real-time.
  • Use your analytics tool to gain actionable insights and take strategic decisions to improve online to offline conversions.

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  • *Year in Search 2020 report - India Insights for brands