With a 400%* increase in searches for “dealer near me” and every 2 out of 3 car buyers using search to locate dealers, maintaining national brand integrity while driving local customer engagement is the need of the hour. Our location presence management tool amplifies the geo-targeted brand presence to excel in the local market.

Our platform is easy to integrate with your existing systems across dealerships making it easier for you & your partners across 4 wheeler/2 wheeler/commercial vehicle dealerships to create an omnichannel experience and positively influence your “In-market” customers. Our product deployment will help your customers move seamlessly from an online to an offline journey.

Accelerate your online discovery and drive up your sales.

Our hyperlocal marketing platform enables your dealerships to be digitally active and drive their visibility by featuring in relevant searches. It’s important to be present when a potential customer is in “buying” mode.

With a “Near Me” search, the consumer expresses a need with service/product and proactively asks for a solution - 52%* goes to the dealer website, 48%* goes to locate a dealer and 45%* schedules a test drive.

Accelerate your online discovery and drive up your sales.

76%*of people who search on their smartphone visit a dealership within a day. As your dealerships convert these potential customers to buyers, our platform makes sure that you can maintain brand credibility, consistency, and prominence throughout the journey.

Using automation & AI, your location data is managed and enhanced across the digital ecosystem with un-duplicated and up-to-date location information including the brand and dealer’s name, contact details, visiting hours, relevant photos, local offers, and services availability. This automatically increases the chances of higher discovery in search results on prominent Search Engines, Maps, Directories, Voice Assistants, and Social Media platforms.

Hold the key to your Customer’s heart.

Before visiting a dealership 32%^ people look for reviews and 91%# Users read at least 1 review online before they make a purchase decision. That's where our AI-driven review dashboard with features like autoresponders and sentiment analysis ensures your location managers don’t miss out on a single review.

Hold the key to your Customer’s heart.

View and analyze customer trends to ensure best-in-class service not only at the dealerships but from the point when the user thinks of buying a vehicle. A business that responds promptly to all reviews has a better chance of higher rankings in search results and thus will be able to drive a higher number of enquiries from customers in Buying Mode.

Increase Conversions & acquire new customers

The consumers are looking for a Phygital experience and almost 82%** expect an instant response before visiting a dealership.

Consumers are looking for a seamless transition from online interactions to offline conversations. They are looking for a well connected phygital experience. When they discover your dealerships online, they want to connect with them through voice call or chat instantly. They want digital tools like price configurator, appointment booking or buying online from the dealer's website. When they visit the dealerships they expect the experience to continue where they left online.

Increase Conversions & acquire new customers

If you are a Marketing Manager / Regional Sales Manager/ Area Sales Manager / Dealership Manager our specially curated online to the offline dashboard with insights and analytics helps you to track the calls coming to your dealerships through digital channels. You can thus track the complete funnel from searches to leads and retails.

Our multi award-winning hyperlocal paid marketing platform “Spotlight” reduce the time lag between customer intent and conversation with the dealerships. Our platform sends calls & leads directly to dealerships almost instantaneously from these hyperlocal marketing campaigns. Create, manage & report highly targeted hyperlocal campaigns on Google & Facebook networks efficiently leading to improved ROI. Our proprietary tool - Smart Landing Pages helps significantly in conversion rate optimization ( CRO ) by creating multiple dynamic landing pages for each of your dealerships. These pages can be configured as per different products or promotions integrating various calls to action. Thousands of landing pages help reduce your CPLs drastically. It’s all plug and play.

Smart integrations

SingleInterface comes with seamless integrations with your existing Lead Management Systems / Dealer Management Systems / CRM tools.

Display real time location specific list of models/pricing and offers on your Google My Business listings and location pages using APIs.

Reduce time lag between a Customer's search intent & test drives by integrating across systems available at a location level. Integrate customer service availability, servicing slots, special offers, events, book appointments, test drives and more. It would help you to enhance your digital touchpoints and ensure less crowded dealerships to strengthen your fight against coronavirus.

Scope of services

  • An automated solution to ensure correct and consistent information/ across each Dealership and service centre to help consumers connect with your dealerships in “Near me “ searches.
  • Ability to broadcast location specific updates and Information, offers, videos, images and posts in national or regional language.
  • Simplify your local interactions by being present across all relevant touch points such as search engines, social media, directories and navigation platforms with accurate information.
  • Increase conversions by layering a precise location targeting along with highly optimized landing pages & facilitating an instant & direct interaction with dealers through voice & chat.
  • Fast and trustworthy AI-driven review management platform to respond to reviews at brand level or delegate to your dealership.
  • Single dashboard specially created for Marketing & Sales managers to keep track of key KPI across dealerships as clicks, phone calls, test drive bookings and ratings all from a single window.
  • Advanced user management to help you manage and delegate rights across different entities/levels.

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