A Centralized Platform to Manage "Near Me" Experience

Manage the "Near Me" customer journey - from discovery to transaction through a centralized dashboard for all your business locations.

From Macro to Micro. From National to Hyperlocal.

Location Level Configuration

With the Configuration Center, you can manage all data for your locations from one central hub - no more juggling multiple platforms, different sources, or publishers. Create a more streamlined and intuitive way to manage your location information online. Manage the data of your locations with just one click - switch on / switch off locations, change business hours, post location level offers.

Role Management - Central, Regional and Local

From local level admin, regional managers to brand managers, brand control is critical when you empower your teams. SingleInterface's flexible workflows support the processes and controls of your business so that location managers can have as much or as little responsibility for their data fields - from requesting edits to approving a change in any field including wordsmithing brand responses online.

Online Reputation Management

Monitor and manage the customer reviews for all your locations centrally or at a location level - configure based on what works for your business. With our Configuration Center, you can empower locations to answer their reviews or manage it centrally through your online reputation management team or manage it through smart automation. Improve your business reputation online, improve your website search engine ranking, and gain valuable customer feedback. With SingleInterface, you don’t need to worry about monitoring the web 24/7 — we monitor it in a way that never misses one of those crucial customer reviews.