Google Business Profile (GBP) - A key ingredient in your digital success recipe

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In a world where digital has become the order of the day for consumer journeys and decisions, and millions of Google searches are taking place every single second, retail businesses are increasingly acknowledging the need to strengthen their digital presence. They have understood that the more easily they can be found online, the stronger their relationship with consumers and the greater their eventual chances of tapping into massive revenue. But how exactly?

Enter Google Business Profile (GBP)!

So what is Google Business Profile?

Formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), Google Business Profile (GBP), is similar to a local online directory that enables your business to have an impactful identity. On this platform, you can create a Google Business Listing that allows you to efficiently manage your digital presence and show up across google products like Google Maps and Google Search. With details such as photos, about the business, contact information, hours of operation, link to website, and reviews added to your business’s profile, the likelihood of consumers finding you and reaching out to you rises significantly.

Does Google Business Profile really make a difference?

The answer to that is a big ‘Yes’.

In simple terms, people can reach you without any hassle, if your business has a Google Business Listing for each location. And, the fact that you are discoverable on the world’s most reliable search platform, automatically starts to build consumer trust. Further, substantiating your Google presence with accurate information ensures that your probability of being discoverable increases when a high intent user initiates a local or a “ near me “ search. This helps in greater brand recall in the consumer’s mind and enormous business potential that a brand can tap into.

The modern-day consumer is tech-savvy, aware, and wants information on the fly. With your Business Listing on Google, you are always right there for the consumer in real-time. According to Google’s 2022 Retail Marketing Guide, Searches for “open now near me” have grown globally by over 400% YOY. Surveys have shown that 64% of consumers have used Google Business Profile to find contact details for a local business and 16% of businesses receive more than 100 calls each month just through Google presence alone. Such staggering numbers around Listings on Google clearly highlight the growth prospects that your business can actualize.

With the pandemic gradually fading and people wanting to have physical experiences, it is critical for your products/services to be seamlessly accessible. The physical identity, powered by the digital identity of a Google Business Listing, lets your business attract new customers and solidify its presence in local markets. Consequently, you can always stay ahead gaining a competitive edge, and being the consumer’s foremost choice.

Ways in which Google Business Profile benefits you

Businesses have started to leverage the gains that Google Business Profile has to offer. And the results have been highly impressive. Having a Google Business Listing lets you:

Pump up discoverability on Google Maps searches
86% of people access Google Maps to locate businesses close by. Being discovered through a well-managed and updated business listing on Google Maps skyrockets your chances of customer engagement and potential conversions. More specifically, your Google Business Listing makes it 50% more likely for consumers to actually buy from you.

Increase Probability to be discoverable through Google’s Map pack
Map pack is a premium space dedicated to searches with local intent in SERP’s. Google is always on the lookout for opportunities to tell customers about your business. With complete and updated information across your every single location listing, you are giving Google multiple signals of an active brand which further enables Google to display your listing to a user searching with an aligning query thus getting you better rankings and consequently more visibility.

Earn Trust with Google Business Profile ratings & reviews
Ratings are a great way of establishing credibility. Surveys report that 90% of people read reviews and then make a purchase-related decision. The Review/Rating feature on your Google Business Listing enables consumers to honestly share what they feel about your business. Not only does this bring transparency and a clearer understanding of how your business is actually performing, but also helps you improve various strategic aspects of the business and gain a competitive edge.

Increase footfalls with Google Business Profile
If you probably are wondering how can your digital efforts increase your footfall to the store - here is the answer: It has been observed that 5-7 % of users who stop by Google Business Listings take an action as clicking on direction requests, and, 76% of people who do a “ near me “ search visit a store within 24 hours as reported by Google. That's the kind of exponential growth opportunity that can be tapped when you optimize each business location for hyperlocal searches.

Enjoy organic traffic with Google Business Profile
While businesses have the option of making high investments into running paid marketing initiatives it can result in spillage and inefficient outcomes. On the other hand, a Google Business Listing allows brands to reach out to “high intent” users who are in the consideration phase of their purchase journey, potentially increasing conversion rates and reducing purchase time.

So, how to create your Google Business Profile?

Creating a GBP is free, easy, personalized, and helps you take charge of your first impression so as to get the best out of your business.

All it requires is:

1. Signing up for an account-
Claim your business on Google to start building your profile on Google Business Listing. You can simply register and create a profile.

2. Entering your business information-
Once your profile is created, you can add basic information like your phone number, hours of operation, location/ address, and category. You can also share photos, cover images, and company logos, to demonstrate your business’s personality and make it stand out. You can further refine your profile by adding softer attributes such as women empowerment, sustainability, and many more, enabling consumers to form an emotional connection with your business.

3. Verifying your account-
The final step of this process is account verification. Once you have confirmed all the requisite information, you are all set to verify yourself with a Google Business Listing. Your business can be verified via email, mail or phone.

And how to manage your Google Business Profile for multi-store locations?

Well, it's not just about having a Google Business Profile or a Google Business Listing. Brands have to ensure regular optimizations and proactive maintenance in adherence to the latest guidelines, for successful outcomes. Brand outlets need to be managed frequently with accurately published information such as Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP), to enable consumers to access them. Techniques such as improved local SEO, updating images across each location, regular verifying and rectification of data, and active responses to reviews are a few definitive aspects to further help your locations rank better, resulting in greater reach, improved customer engagement, and higher revenue numbers.

It is precisely to achieve the above, that a smart automation tool can help you effectively manage each and every listing and enhance your digital presence in a matter of seconds, mapping each user with the location listing in real-time to move them forward in the purchase funnel and streamlining transactions. A journey of this kind is key to delivering delightful customer experience and achieving business objectives.
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