Outcome-Focused, AI-Powered Marketing and Commerce Capabilities, for Multi-Location Brands.

Streamline discovery, engage customers, handle feedback, and deliver seamless omnichannel experiences to boost revenue with actionable insights for every location.

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Power of Digital Marketing, E-Commerce & Deep Consumer Insights

AI-Powered Product Suite For All Hyperlocal Needs

Build Robust Presence, Drive Engagement, Manage Reputation, Facilitate Transactions, Run Hyperlocal Ads & Get Rich Consumer Insights for every location.

Hyper XaiBeta

Move from unknown and non-insightful information about your customers to in-depth and actionable audience data

  • Interaction Intelligence
  • Custom Segment Creation
  • Campaign Management

Presence Management

Establish your local business digital presence and become easily discoverable to customers.

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Reputation Management

Enhance your local reputation, and build long-lasting relationships.

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Run hyperlocal ads and maximize local growth opportunities.

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Call Leads

Gain granular visibility into calls and understand customer intent.

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Transaction Management

Enable commerce at location level by publishing location level catalogs and inventory.

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Advance Feature Sets

Leverage advance features to fully harness the power of our products

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Build with TRUST

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Success Stories

Helping Brands Grow Local Business. Exponentially.

Witness Remarkable Revenue Growth for Every Location


Nissan achieves staggering growth with SingleInterface

Nissan leveraged SingleInterface's full-stack offering, to create a strong digital presence across the virtual ecosystem. With an expansion in store visits and leads by 60X and 57X respectively, this partnership achieved 66X growth in returns on Marketing investment, forming stronger associations with customers and delivering exceptional experiences. Akash Singh Sales Manager View Case Study

Ford unlocks massive local growth

Ford partnered with SingleInterface to implement hyperlocal ads. This powerful digital channel seamlessly connected Ford's dealerships to customers, creating thousands of micro-targeted campaigns and contributing to 145X ROI on the brand's topline. With lead volume rising by 139% and Cost Per Lead reducing by 58%, Ford optimized its digital presence impactfully and achieved commendable growth. Akash Singh Sales Manager View Case Study

Lifestyle’s success powered by SingleInterface and Hyperlocal

Lifestyle collaborated with SingleInterface to create a strong hyperlocal presence across the digital ecosystem. With targeted local offerings and enhanced digital approaches, Lifestyle delivered frictionless online-to-offline customer experiences and gained local expansion. The brand's Marketing ROI grew 159X, with digital visibility rising by 155% and store visits by 322%. Akash Singh Sales Manager View Case Study

Motilal Oswal Financial Services starts the Hyperlocal journey

Motilal Oswal Financial Services (MOSL) joined hands with SingleInterface, to clear its digital clutter using modern approaches and to enhance franchisee-level digital presence. With new prospects growing by 200K and engagement rising by 70%, MOSL achieved remarkable growth of nearly 10X return on Marketing investment and significantly high levels of customer satisfaction. Akash Singh Sales Manager View Case Study


Voice of the Customer

A Trusted Partner to Many Customers in their Marketing Stack.

Singleinterface Testimonials
Francis Rodrigues Head of Marketing, HDFC Life

For years, HDFC Life has partnered with SingleInterface, an enriching experience. Their diverse portfolio expanded our digital presence, enhancing business across regions. Through this collaboration, we digitized physical locations, opening new customer avenues. We're pleased with SingleInterface's services, fostering growth and innovation.

Singleinterface Testimonials
Arun Darwin Harikrishnan AGM - Digital Marketing, Dr. Agrawal's Eye Hospital

We have partnered with SingleInterface to help us improve our online discovery and we couldn't be happier with the results. They have a deep understanding of how to leverage online channels to drive traffic and generate leads. We highly recommend SingleInterface to any business looking to improve its online presence and generate more leads.

Singleinterface Testimonials
Gaurav Manihar AD & Head, MOSL

For over a year, our partnership with SingleInterface has greatly enhanced our search visibility, both at a brand and hyperlocal level. Their platform enables seamless offline-to-online customer experiences through omnichannel solutions. The user-friendly SI dashboard provides detailed location-based insights, empowering informed decision-making. A vital tool for franchise businesses seeking growth and efficiency.

Singleinterface Testimonials
Jahid Ahmed Sr. Vice President, HDFC Bank

Collaborating with SingleInterface transformed HDFC Bank's digital strategy. Their proficiency in digitizing our Branches & ATMs elevated customer engagement and transactions. Connecting these assets with digital platforms enhanced customer experience and operational efficiency. Impressed by their meticulousness and results-driven approach, we strongly endorse SingleInterface for businesses seeking digital presence enhancement.

Singleinterface Testimonials
Prashant Gaur Chief Brand Officer, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent

Our collaboration with SingleInterface has proven highly successful. It facilitated millions of instances of customer engagement and outlet visits. This strategy drove a remarkable 30% growth in online engagement and conversions. SingleInterface's technological prowess unlocked lucrative opportunities, elevating customer satisfaction and positioning us as industry leaders. They're not just a strategic partner in India, but globally.

Singleinterface Testimonials
Robin Samuel General Manager-Marketing & Head-Digital Marketing, Orientbell Tiles

At Orientbell Tiles, we simplify tile buying and selling. Partnering with SingleInterface two years ago transformed our online presence. They enable over 300 Orientbell Tile Boutiques to shine on Google through the store and My Business Profile pages. Their solution streamlines updates across all stores effortlessly, saving time. Their dedicated support team ensures exceptional service and swift turnaround.

Singleinterface Testimonials
Vedant Modi Maanyavar Mohey, Chief Marketing Officer

Partnering with SingleInterface for over a year has revolutionized our online presence. Their platform optimizes brand and store-level search visibility, enhancing consumer experiences. Their omnichannel expertise fosters strong brand-consumer connections. Easy-to-use reporting provides actionable insights for strategic decisions. A must-have for franchise businesses seeking growth and success.

Singleinterface Testimonials
Vijay Pashte Senior Manager, Head - Digital Marketing Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

For over a year, our partnership with SingleInterface has been invaluable. Their tool facilitates seamless management and enhancement of our local stores' visibility in Google search. It ensures uniform customer experiences, vital for locating Metropolis healthcare centers. A must-have for businesses with franchise models seeking digital optimization.

Singleinterface Testimonials
Vikram Garga Apollo Tyres, Group Head Marketing

SingleInterface played a pivotal role in enhancing our brand's digital visibility using its hyperlocal strategy. Their expertise drove notable improvements in store discoverability and customer interactions. Their meticulousness and commitment to our success were outstanding. We highly endorse SingleInterface to businesses aiming to boost digital presence and foot traffic to physical stores.