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Digital is the new frontier of customer interaction. Brands need to stay up-to-date on potential customers intent signals, so that they can respond with relevant experiences and delight customers in the moments that matter.
SingleInterface Local Cloud makes that possible

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Give every location the brand presence it needs

Give every location the brand presence it needs

With individual pages tailored to each of your locations, potential customers will be able to find the perfect store or dealership that caters best to their needs. We believe every physical location is unique and shall be treated as a separate entity. As such, Your brand may have a national presence, but your business locations compete with local businesses for local customers . Competition, demographics, preferences, weather conditions, festivals, offers.

Give every location the brand presence it needs

Increase Discoverability of your Business Locations

Strengthen your brand’s online presence and local search rankings by using a single platform to automatically maintain all of the location data & content for your business. With SingeInterface’s Local Business Listings, you can ensure that your business locations get discovered in the moments that matter, moments when potential consumers are searching for your product or service near them - saving your business time and money!

Give every location the brand presence it needs

Manage Your Reviews, Attract More Customers

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Building up your review count increases your chances of getting discovered on search and social platforms. Our platform’s self-monitoring functionality that analyzes the sentiment of each consumer review and allows businesses to manage reviews efficiently leads to user satisfaction and the listing’s overall ratings, leading to more customers!

Give every location the brand presence it needs

Delight Customers & Grow your Revenue

Digital touchpoints are the new frontier for conversion. Our analytics dashboard can help you monitor and track critical metrics that highlight consumer behavior right from discovery to transactions and enable you to see how they interact with their favorite brands in a way that was never possible earlier. With this information conveniently accessible through an easy to understand map of locations across all regions of state or country, it's easier than ever to provide impactful marketing campaigns and stay on top of macro trends to convert potential users into loyal customers.

Giving Global Brands the Local Edge

As consumer preferences shift, brands are striving to stay relevant and innovative. SingleInterface is helping
them succeed by connecting consumers looking to purchase, to the brand’s physical locations across all key
digital platforms – Search, Social Media, Maps, Apps, Local Web Directories and Voice Assistants.

Growing discoverability of over 200,000+ business locations.

Singleinterface Testimonials


“It’s been more than a year we are associated with SingleInterface. It's an awesome tool that has helped us to manage, monitor and improve the visibility of our local stores in Google search engine. Also, through this tool we are able to give a uniform customer experience to our customers when they are searching for the nearest Metropolis healthcare center in their area. If you are a business with a Franchise model, then you must go for this tool.”

Vijay Pashte Senior Manager - Digital Marketing Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

Singleinterface Testimonials


Delivering great performance is the real measure of success and pride for the work we do at SingleInterface,
but we also greatly value the global and national recognition gained through the awards
we have won from various prestigious marketing events and forums.

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