There has been a 50%* increase in “near me” searches for a specific store and we have made it possible for retailers to be able to amplify their online presence through our platform and reach more shoppers, whether they are searching for groceries, apparel, salons, or even furniture stores nearby. With a strong online presence that's synchronized across all digital channels, you can now differentiate your brand in an increasingly competitive market and engage with your potential customers at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Optimize Your Store’s Presence Online to Increase Conversions Offline!

Optimize Your Store’s Presence Online to Increase Conversions Offline!

Be present everywhere shoppers may be looking for you. Today’s savvy customers demand relevant brand information to be readily available to them at all times. Over 65%* retail shoppers turn to search as the most commonly used pre-purchase touchpoint. More often than not, they do not have a specific brand or product in mind while making their search.

Our platform enables you to ensure that the information about your retail stores such as hours of operation, phone numbers, live status of the store (open or closed), or even updates related to Covid-19 protocols are updated and accurate across all your business locations at all times through a centralized dashboard on a vast publisher network including Google, Google Maps, Bing, Foursquare, Yalwa and more.

Engage with Shoppers at Multiple Touchpoints

The journey of your potential customers begins with a search. Whether it’s a customer calling to ask if your grocery store is open, or someone looking for accurate directions to your furniture store or a customer wanting to connect with your salon nearby via text to book an appointment – be omnipresent at all touchpoints and ensure your retail stores big or small get discoverable and rank higher on search.

Increase high intent footfalls to your stores

Listen to what customers are saying about your brand, monitor and respond to them in real-time. Customers today trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, hence engaging them with genuine conversations allows brands to build credibility with them. Ensure that no feedback goes unanswered and respond to every review across locations through our easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard. Keep complete control of your online reputation at a brand level.

Increase high intent footfalls to your stores

In 2020, APAC saw 40 million new internet users, meaning over 70% of the population is now online*. Modern-day shoppers enjoy access to information at their fingertips, seamless checkouts and the ability to search across a wide range of products and branches. Hence, brands need to make the customers’ in-store path to purchase easier, more informative and seamless. The Singleinterface platform converts potential shoppers looking for information online, into in-store customers by creating location level landing pages for all your retail stores that help in boosting your retail location rankings on search. From local events, promotional offers, product listings, in-stock information, clearance discounts to new launches – provide location-specific information that is relevant to the specific target audience through our content-rich location pages and provide a seamless experience to the customers throughout their purchase journey.

Increase high intent footfalls to your stores

Smart Integrations

Stay relevant on multiple touchpoints such as search, maps, and social platforms and have complete control over the digital presence of your multi-location retail outlets. Shoppers tend to switch brands due to a lack of information on the availability of products both in-store and online. Now upload live inventory on your GMB account for your retail store and inform customers about the available products in the size, colour, and quantity they might be looking for.

Modern customers like to shop and engage with brands on their terms, with a flexible and self-directed experience. Use our chatbots to answer queries of shoppers on the go and provide them with all the information they are looking for in real-time.

Scope of Services

  • Have greater control of your online brand presence and ensure customers continue to find positive experiences all across the digital space using our location management system.
  • Create location-specific pages that are rich in content, tags, schema markups etc. that ensures that Google indexes all relevant information and improves discoverability on search.
  • Gain actionable insights through our dashboard to create a frictionless online to the offline shopping experience for customers in buying mode.
  • Optimize your online reputation by monitoring and responding to customer reviews through a centralized platform.
  • Showcase inventory at a location level to enable a true omnichannel experience using our tools, Google Merchant Centre & location pages.

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