Local Store Fronts

Convert Location Pages into Local Store Fronts through seamless integration of full product catalog onto location pages through API or XML feed. This functionality allows businesses to showcase their entire range of products, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for users visiting location-specific pages. Each product can be deep linked to your E-Commerce Website to drive transactions

Location Pages Integration

Integrate your product feed on location pages using API. This aids in hyperlocal discovery and enhances customer experience visiting your digital local store fronts.

Local Inventory Feed

Supplement your product catalog with local inventory to convert your feed into a Local Feed to be showcased on your local store fronts.

GMC Integration

Integrate your Local Inventory Feed on Google Merchant Centre to showcase your products on Google Business Profile under “What’s in Store” and Google Shopping.

Local E-Commerce Storefronts

Convert local store fronts into e-commerce enabled local store fronts by integrating “Add to Cart'' functionality” functionality at store level. Each Store will have its own E-Commerce instance complete with payment gateway and delivery integrations. Local Stores can manage their e-store using SI Connect App with following features

  • Product Addition / Deletion - Add or Remove Products through Brand’s Product Feed.
  • Update Inventory - Update inventory against each product or mark them as available or not available.
  • Manage Orders - Complete Order Management can happen through the SI Connect App.
  • Manage Deliveries - Manage Order Deliveries through our standard integrations with logistic companies.