5 Reasons why a brand should focus on reviews

5 Reasons why a brand should focus on reviews

The Internet over the last year has seen a fast paced penetration across all consumer sections globally and brought a plethora of opportunities to our fingertips. Be it buying regular groceries to an automobile,ordering food online to setting up the work from home desk. The Internet is no longer a place to post just for information from the brands; it's also a place where consumers evaluate products , services based on reviews and feedback from other like -minded people .

Consumer surveys consistently show that online reviews impact purchase
behavior.Nearly nine out of ten (89 percent) consumers worldwide make the effort to read reviews before buying products (Trustpilot, 2020)

Reviews build authenticity and bridge the gap between the traditional word of mouth and the ongoing trend of Viral influencers.It is highly potential to place you on the top of consideration bucket and build an awareness about your brand.

1: Build Credibility & create your space

Reviews can be a game-changer when it comes to selling a product. Whether your potential customer is looking for restaurant recommendations or a new gadget to buy, a place to travel to or a new car to purchase- real user's opinions gives confidence to the person that he is well informed and what he is getting is worth.Potential customers who will discover your store online will look at your store’s rating and reviews before deciding to do business with you.

2: Improve Customer Service

Technology has enabled the ability for customers to post their reviews online, thus contributing to more visibility of their experiences.By reading online reviews, businesses can understand what works best with their audience and make necessary changes accordingly.A customer review analysis can provide valuable insight to understand the opportunities of improvement and proactively get back to the customer.

3: Improve ranking on Search pages

Reviews can be very helpful for SEO and SEM, especially on Google. Online reviews are factored into Google search results which help to drive your appearance in the search listing.According to a Moz study, online reviews make up 15.44% of Google ranking factors. That means the more reviews you have, the more your name will appear, helping to increase your search engine rankings.

4: Build Customer loyalty

When your consumers take time to write an online review they are more likely to be loyal to your brand and will keep coming back to you. By allowing your customers to write their experience and comprehensive reviews about your products and services, you not only validate their voice but also establish a long-lasting relationship with them.

5: Open funnel for new customer

Reviews help to get your hyperlocal strategy to the next level and help you get more potential customers.When a user would search for a local business on Google Maps, a review will appear alongside the Google My Business information. In fact, the 5-star rating is the first piece of information that appears under the name of a company.The reviews are also a sign of popularity of your store.

So it is imperative that brands should engage with customers and encourage them to rate and review their products or services online.Their feedback will make a lot of difference to potential customers to develop trust and eventually make their purchase decision. It is infact one of the best forms of social proof for your business.

So, if you don’t already, it’s time to give online reviews the attention it deserves and focus on earning more customer reviews for your local business

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